Ron & Linda Jones
    quote gtsmrt:

    Hi Ron,

    The wires you are talking about could either be the reverse light wires or they may have been for the overdrive switch to make the overdrive circuit active when in third or fourth gear. If you have some holes below the bumper bar on both sides, it may have had reverse lights mounted at some stage. The switch does not have to be active, but having fried wires may cause other issues (blowing fuses).

    Regards, Robin.

    Hey Robin, thanks for the reply, again. I got it into reverse, today, I think it was just stiff from non use. To the right and down. I don’t seem to have the backup light holes, you discribed. I just have the big tail light holes in the tail fins. Still don’t know what those wires are for, because it doesn’t have overdrive, either. I definately won’t be hooking them up until I track them down and replace them, if I need to.