Hi again Ron:

Glad we could help a bit with your information search. You will find lots of expertise available here on the TEAE site and also on the http://www.SAOCA.org site.

I use the Weber DGV 5A on both my setups. It is a manual choke carb with a progressive manual secondary. Here’s a link to a site where you can view the carb and get additional Weber information.
http://www.webercarbsdirect.com/32_36_D … 80.005.htm

If you contact George Farrell from Minnesota you may be able to get some jetting information and suggestions. I think he has the most complete data as to what jets most of us are using. Send me an email at palmjeld@mitchelltelecom.net and I can forward his email address to you.

The new manifold is manufactured by Pierce Manifolds, I think. It is a high quality unit. Pricey? I think you get what you pay for. You can probably find a used Series IV manifold for less, but it may take some time and patience. Post an ad here on this site and also on the SAOCA.org site.

from sunny South Dakota,