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It is very stimulating to hear about people like yourself that are willing to innovate and try something new. 😀 I would enjoy working on a project like yours if only I had the time. I too am working on a new engine program for Ford and Siemens. In the last 3 1/2 months I have clocked over 1000hrs building PRECISION tooling and integrating the assembly system for a New 6.2 Litre BOSS MUSTANG Motor . Specificaly, an all Plastic Intake Plenium for the fuel injection.
Sure it is worth a Giggle 😆 to consider a larger engine when my Japanese customers are into fuel savings and we are all experiencing increased gas costs. We definitely do wonder what the market will be for a bigger engine but that is not for me to speculate. The corporate executives will work on that program. As long as their cheques don’t bounce. 8)
I don’t expect much press coverage as the North American Auto Industry is experiencing a down-turn is sales, but keep your eyes open. My Japanese Clients are trying to swamp me with work also as their sales go up and into the future. My Mittens have been working alot of overtime, recently I did 105 hours in an eight day stretch and consistently exceeding 70+ hours a week, after week, after week, so I don’t remember when I last looked at my SUMBEAN . 🙁 I do like hearing about your Tiger though and your approach to the finnish line. Oh so many people have their heads in the past (and their A$S) .
The Boys are working on plastic exhaust manifolds, ceramic coated of course. Does plastic scare you on an engine Jerry?
Next is a new plenium for the 4.7 Litre, then on to the 5.0 Litre. I can send you some private images if you are interested. My shutterfly account has over 60 albums and 7,000 images, I’m sure you’d appreciate some of my automation and techincal images.
Thanks for posting your updates

Rob Martel


How did you hookup with this program? No plastic’s don’t scare me at all with all the tecknology that is available these day’s.
I’m still in the dark ages with something’s but willing to try some different things at my age.
I had some real good tech advice on the turbo project, its not perfect but its up and running and runs pretty good for what it is.
Wish I knew more about how to tune the FAST myself so I don’t have to be depenent on one person.
I’ll be getting back to you.
Thanks Jerry