David Kellogg-Achin

    Hi Jim:

    Nice challenge.
    I own several Alpines, race one, am restoring one and also own a Tiger.

    I don’t feel the bias in this club as strongly as I once did.

    And I don’t feel it’s important to belong to one ‘camp’ or the other (Alpine or Tiger), particularly on a trumped-up prestige basis. That kind of thinking is very ‘old world,’ not befitting this world, particularly in these times.
    There are those who would challenge this statement, but if their basis is value, here’s a conundrum: there are, due to normal attrition and Tiger scavenging, very possibly fewer Alpines than Tigers remaining. Why, then (if this were true) is the more rare car less valued in dollars? Will this trend reverse? [I doubt it but there might one day be an increase in Alpine dollar value, not relative to the Tiger, but based on the Alpine’s merits alone, and upon its relative scarcity]

    That said, it’s relevant to mention that I’ve been to a couple of meets where the Alpines were very much in the minority. Whose responsibility is that? THE ALPINE OWNERS’.

    Get ’em out and show ’em off.
    That’s my two bits.