I have the bolt on lakewood bars.They work fine and the ride is not choppy.On the Lister I had to remove a bit off the top of the rubber bumper.On the 62 I had no problem.Easy to put on and easy to remove. When I first put the lister on the road and opened it up the first time the front came up and the rear sank .The fender flange actually did scrape the tire and left a faint mark.After adding the bars you could feel the rear wanting to drop but then feel it raise as the bars came into play.
I do not think Tigers or Algers should be with out some kind of traction bars.As many of us want that extra power we must be sure anything we can do to make the car safer is mandatory
Thats my .50 cents worth.Thats what it takes to put a few drops of gas in our cars today