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850 HP at the rear wheels! That sounds just plain nasty. Got a time frame worked out yet?
You will have to dump some tall gears in the rear, take it to the salt and see if you can get to 200 before Dr. Mayf!

I think I saw a picture of Dr. Mayf car out on the flats.
What is the set up on that car? It looks pretty tricked out.
Also what has it ran?

I think it’s dual T-3 turbos with Tweecer EFI and a C4 or AOD transmission – it may be changing over the winter because there was some speculation on the Tiger mailing list that he’s basically run the car as fast as it will go with this combination.

The link here http://www.scta-bni.org/ has the records… he’s gone 179 during world finals 2007 (oct 4).