FYI. I was the source for Wally’s JAP Magna wheels. They
were on my Tiger when I got in 1978. The original owner
said the JAP stood for JA Priestly and English form that made
auto parts. You can see some Morgan Trikes with JAP
engines. That the same JAP.

The wheels have the perfect offset for the Tiger. Anyway
I ran across a complete set of LAT 9’s and needed $100
to buy them. I was talking to Wally on the phone and
mentioned the wheels were for sale. He was estastic.
He said the only ones he knew of were on Tiger Toms
race car. So the deal was struck.

I met Wally with the wheels at a SAAC meet in Detroit. I
had used some American Racing center caps that I had
peeled their decal off and stuck on a Tiger’s head cut from
the CAT decal. The used silicone glue to make sure the caps
stayed. Wally really liked that and couldn’t wait to faunt
to Tom that his Magna had center caps.

Be careful when mounting tires. The wheel have a ribbed
outer ring that are easily damaged by a tire iron.

I understand that there are a couple of sets in CA.

While not a LAT option they are correct as a racing application
for the Sunbeam.