Since my last post was wiped out I will post my times again.
At speedworld in Phoenix last Dec at a PSCA event the car ran 10:14 on 235-60-13 DOT American Racers mounted on the stock LAT-70 rims and 9:87@135 on 24.5-7-13 M/T slicks. The motor is a 331cu. with Canfield heads and a 250 of NOS.
On Sunday feb.13 I raced the car here in Orlando and the car ran 10:
30 @131 but i got beat by a street car that run’s 8:60’s but it was fun, and it made the 20 mile drive with no overheating or any other problems.
The Tiger gets a lot of attention and really surprises people.
I dnyo’d the car here in Orlando it makes 350hp to the rear wheels and 458hp with a 150shot of NOS.