James Lindner


    If possible, I suggest you try to find a Tiger owner in your area that might have a Book of Norman (BON). The BON is the definitive guide for Tiger information. In the meantime, I will try to answer most of your questions.

    Exhaust manifolds: BLACK (but that color usually burns off after a short period to reveal a more natural finish.)
    Water Pump: Same as block.
    Coil Bracket: BLACK
    Coil: BLACK with Yellow top.
    Valve Cover decal: Sunbeam Specialties carries reproduction blank decals. Nor sure about stamping
    Hose clamps: Three types of clamps are used. Rad hoses use double wire screw clamps. The bypass hose uses ford tower clamps and the hoses at heater control valve use ford screw type band clamps.
    Carb base plate: Ford Blue
    Fan belt: Replacement belt is available from Sunbeam Specialties. I think it is made by Gates.

    Hope this helps.

    I see you are not a TEAE member. Why not join up and attend one of our regional events or our Annual United (this year on Long Island, NY 13-16 Sep). I am sure you could get plenty of firsthand advice.