Finally got the RR in the mail… also read about the change in the postage type, guess that is why it took the extra time to arrive.

I first heard about the lack of ZDDP in modern oils and the need for it in flat tappet engines via my Buick club buddies… of course some of them are pushing out 500 to 750 hp. After more research (close to 10 years ago now), I concluded that any oil that meets the current API standard – dino or synthetic – is good for any of our my "old" cars – as long as I add a bottle of ZDDP.
Note that is my opinion… I won’t be writing any articles indicating that it is the only way to go.
I recently read a thread on one of the Buick forums about engine oils, one guy got frustrated with everyone else’s stories. He went on a rant stating [basically] if you don’t have the oil analyzed at every change and tear down the engine to check for wear – then you have no real facts. I thought it was a little harsh, but probably a lot of truth there… not everyone agreed 🙄

Bob – I’ve seen guys refer to the "Bob is the Oil Guy" site as a source for the best info… is that a side-line for you?