Sorry if there was some confusion , here are some examples :
my Tiger 4.25 lbs./hp With only a 225/50 15 rear tire.
C6 Z06 6.2 lbs./hp
ZR1 Corvette 5.4 lbs./hp The Tiger and ZR1(stock) both do the 1/2 mile in 156-157 mph.
C7 Z06 6.16 lbs/hp Several videos on YouTube of these running 145-146 mph
Hellcat 6.29 lbs.hp Ran one twice that was 800hp ,won both times . At the last 1/2 race , Hellcats were pushing 1000 hp and running 175 mph.
Nissan GTR 7.1 to 7.3 lbs/hp varies by year . Good video on YouTube of me and a 2010 ? GTR we stayed even till around 100 mph then I pulled ahead. I also ran an Alpha 9 GTR ( 900hp ) two years ago . Not even close , he was much faster.

Both Tom and I both have our motors built by the same shop here in Cincinnati (Paul’s Automotive). Two very different motors though , Tom’s is a purpose built race motor that has to follow the SCCA rulebook. When I had my motor built I had two requests , that it could be street driven and run on pump gas. My motor is also much bigger (70+ cubic inches). A couple years back when Tom looked at my dyno graph ,his comment was if he had that much torque he would never lose.