Dan Richardson

    I have designed and fabricated components for installing the Ford (’74-78 Mutt II and’83-85 Ranger/Bronco II 2.8 V6) Engine into the Sunbeam Alpines mated to the late model Mustang T5’s and/or Automatic C3/4 & A4LD transmissions.

    My Headers run straight-back similar to the Tiger exhaust system (not out the side). Didn’t like the set I bought in the available "kit" sticking out the side of the car. After trying to get different custom header shops for more then two years, I did it myself, then located a Header Fabrication Shop with my proto-type for production – Nice!

    Also, available are: Engine mount brackets; transmission mounts for "both" the Manual 4 speed & BW35 automatic transmission Alpines; slave cylinder mount bracket; alternator mount bracket w/adjustment arm; the crosslink (formed not welded) with tie rod ends; modified thermostat housing with heater option; Gas pedal upper rod; Fuel pump block plate; Pilot shaft adapter; a Modified water neck for the upper radiator connection; and for you Guys or Gals wanting a cool Alpine I have an A/C mounting bracket w/adjustment arm.

    Just finalized Electric Power Steering (EPS) for the Alpine. More on that later!

    I offer the components either individually or together. In other words I will sell the headers by themselves; the engine mount brackets by themselves or any combination. You don’t have to buy a "complete" KIT to get a part you want, I aim to please for the buyers convenience.

    E-mail me for pictures if interested in doing a Conversion to your Alpine at: Dan Richardson tiger2dan at g mail dot com or call 864-554-0814 EST 8Am -10PM

    Thanks for your interest,