Engine was assembled over 20 yrs ago so a lot is now old school technology.
Used a Boss 302 block with 4 bolt mains and a Reath stroker crank with 6200B rods and modifed TRW pistons… displaces 322 ci. This was long before Ford strokers became common. Cam is a Crower solid roller tappet with .597 lift and 292 duration. Heads are seriously ported 351 W (done by Ted King in Portland) with 1.94 intakes and 1.60 exhausts with Pro Magnum roller rockers. Intake is Inglese Cobra with 4 Weber IDA 48’s. Ignition is Electromotive distributorless, direct fire with crank trigger. Also has direct-port NOS.
More pictures and history available at http://mypeoplepc.com/members/tgrr2/tgr … index.html