Peter Marsh

    Good morning all,

    Thanks for the tip about posting photos – I have not had an opportunity to start an on-line photo hosting account yet, but will as soon as I can.

    In regards to the question about the VIN number, it is titled as a 1964, but according I had forwarded the VIN and JAL info to Mr. Norman Miller, and he advised the following:

    "Hello Peter,

    I’m glad to find out about your car. You’re the first to mention the existence of this machine, so its history will be coming from you. I can tell you it was "Wednesday" car, reported to have been completed on the 10th of February, 1965, but that’s about it. As you get further into the process, it will be interesting to confirm the drive-train numbers (transmission and back axle) so let’s stay in touch. Also, any chance for some pictures?


    I’ll keep folks up to date once I have a chance to post photos, and as I begin to move along with the Tiger project.

    I will need to get a brake booster servo (there was none with the car), but I’ll post that in parts wanted section. Would that be the same servo as an Alpine?


    Peter – aka MarshMountaineers