I don’t know what trim is there. There is some bit of trim in the backseat that can be seen from the pictures, but I am not sure what is there. Aside from a bird’s nest. THERE IS A BIRD’S NEST IN THE GLOVE BOX. Oy.

And yes, Mike, that is how it has sat for 30 years. Well, it might have been moved from one barn to another, but that’s it.

Also, as you can see from the last photo on the dropbox link, I don’t think the paint was stripped. I think something was put on TOP of the original blue.
I’ll look into the for sale section, thanks guys.

There is NO WAY that we will get up to Dayton (dad is 78 and can’t do it on his own and I have two little kids at home, etc.), though you are probably right that that would be the best thing.

Some folks on here already want to take a look!