Yes, there’s fine metallic in it. Dad liked colors like this to show curves better, and I think he chose a nice one, too.

I just kinda stumbled on the site. Have known about it for years, but don’t really look too much for Tiger stuff since this one really never needed anything much. I submitted the VIN to (what I thought was) Norm’s site back when the internet was in its infancy, but never heard from anybody or saw reference to it anywhere.

There’s a few things that have been changed over the years that I’d like to change back, such as the distributor and carb/intake. I put an ’68 iron 4V on it back in the mid ’80’s, along with several F4B’s squirreled away on a shelf, but the original has been (presumably) lost to time. If it is alive, it would be located in a family members garage that I no longer have access to (long story). Dizzy may even be there, I don’t know.

I’m pretty certain that even the plugs and wires are stock original…