Gene Sokolowski

    I have my rear end back from the gear shop. It is now set up with the Dana 44 Detroit Locker TruTrack carrier and new 3.07:1 gears.
    After trying to set up axle shaft bearing end play, I found out that I need to have the axles modified with buttons on the (internal ends) to make up the space that was taken up by a spacer in the original rear end. (It’s always fun (?) to customize. LOL)

    I have two original HEH-E top loader transmissions so I had one converted to a wide ratio gear setup. I will be running the wide-ratio transmission with the new 3.07 gear setup. The motor is an early 5 bolt block 289 stroked to 331 with AFR 185 aluminum heads and Edelbrock Performer II intake. The carburetor is a 725 cfm Holley (68 Shelby GT350). It should have plenty of power to roll the tires (205/55R/15s) with the new gear setup.

    I will be installing the ’95 Mustang Cobra rear disc brake set-up on the rear end (from Dale’s Restorations). (Installing Wilwood disc brakes on the front).

    I will post some pictures of the rear end setup when I get it all together.