Hi Eric,
Don’t forget the Rootes Review which is holding space for you when you get from under the car to write something down.
At the 2000 (?) BASH at Tiger Tom’s my youngest son Eric, now the owner of our family Tiger, was taken into tow by Wally who explained at length some of the advantages and difficulties of having an old car. While others around us were talking about the advantages of various cams and carb sizes, Wally was patiently going through the basics with Eric, who has never forgotten the attention given him by such a revered figure.
I used to have to drive in the Tiger in the 1970s and 1980s to southern Pennsylvania for business reasons and when I stopped for gas, I would meet young men who would mention they had friends who had one of those. I would ask what happened to them, and several times the answer was, “He got killed.” The combination of narrow roads and hills was not right for the Tiger in the hands of testosterone fuelled young men.
I guess the reason for so many Tigers in Pennsylvania was Wally and his energy as representative.
I wish they could have talked to Wally as my son Eric did at Tiger Toms.
Jim Anderson