Mark Rense

    I have two Tigers, one with the original close ratio Toploader and a very RPM-friendly 289. The rear end is a 3.31 and the car is immensely fun on track days (on Hoosier R6s) or in the twisty roads, but a bit busy on the freeway. The other one is my "highway" car, it has a 331 stroker that produces over 320 ft-lb of torque from 1900 to 4100 RPM so it has NO problem jumping the gaps in the Toploader converted to the wide ratio gear set. The rear end is DANA 44/Salisbury with a 2.72 gear ratio out of an early-’80’s Corvette and a DANA Trac-Loc posi. The two cars could not feel more different, almost a small block vs big block experience, both equally entertaining to drive but in different ways. So chose your type of entertainment style and pick your gear set accordingly.