Its a total crap shoot on this car. The bad press so to speak can either be a the car’s best point or worst point. It may work in your advantage if you can personally inspect the car. Anyone who buys an old car without eyes on himself or that he trusts is on a fools mission. What’s original rivets and numbers matching worth on a MK2 or other Tiger is anyone’s guess now certainly less with out the MK2 title, it is much easier as the comps are out there for non MK2’s. Your due diligence should be extended reading in the UK forum reshelling thread all available on TAC and original rivets. A good story is "Possible Fantasy," on CAT. Granted you may not move to the Netherlands but when you are talking 6 figure cars it deserves a read. Oh if you join CAT you can check out the library copy of B.O.N. put that on your reading list.

    To be clear I am not representing the MK2 seller he just told me months ago that it was for sale and he has asked that I shoot it a web host a picture fest for the car. The car is TAC’ed as well and in the 100 range. Please feel free to or email me for phone number if you’d like to chat. I do not care who get the ebay car or the one I mention . The seller has his hindsight glasses on, Holy crap if I’d of known it was going to be a 6 figure car I’d of not moved the drive line about. It is a fishing expedition of a listing, cause you know any savy buyer is going to get out there see it in person and then say either here the dough, or here is your e bay fees I had a change of heart, bye…..or just bye if they have no class.

    I remember passing on the idea of a Pantera when they were 10 grand, they don’t have a open top though and it’s a great car but as I refer to my Tiger, The girl’s all dressed up with no place to go.