I have been talking a bit with the owner, but I haven’t got around to asking too much about the details yet. I asked if he would consider trading for my 1974 Pantera. He is interested in that, and I told him we can wait and see what happens with the auction and then go from there.

I know a little bit about Tigers and what to look for, but I know very little about the differences between a Mk 2 and a 1 or 1a, besides the obvious in appearance.
I have been thinking of selling my Pantera in the spring and then looking for a Tiger. I saw this car come up on ebay and thought I’d throw the offer out. So, I am not really ready to purchase the Mk II in California but I would still like to know the sale price and look at any pictures that may be out there. I would also like to know what You, or anyone else, feel this car is worth. The owner has given me an approximate value, and given the controversy and talk about questionable repairs, missing items and so on, I am thinking that estimate may be a bit high.

Please let me know your thoughts.