Gene Sokolowski

    Just wanted to do a quick update to my post.

    After reading the comments to my post and receiving a couple pictures from helpful sunbeamers I was able to conceptualize the three pieces that I need to complete the dash installation correctly. I mocked up the dash pad, dash panel and the furflex weatherstripping and took a good look at what I needed.

    I had a piece of 1/8 inch thick interior trim cardboard from when I refurbished my seats. I measured and made a 38" long and 1.75" wide strip from the cardboard material. I cut a piece of brown wrapping paper that size and taped it into place on the underside metal forward of the top of the dash and marked out the rivet holes and map light screw holes. I used the paper template to mark and drill the holes on the finish cardboard piece. I then mocked it up in the car and it worked fine.

    I will basically do the same with the two vinyl covered aluminum dress pieces that I need to finish out the dash side areas.

    Many thanks to those who helped.