Generally what I’ve done is.
1 Install the basic wiring, hang the harness in the car before anything is in the way. This includes the battery cable from the trunk to engine compartment. At the same time you can install brake lines if not there and the fuel line, both easier to do with the engine not in the way. Install the starter solenoid too, easier with nothing yet around it. install the engine/transmission now. Some guys put it in from the top, I prefer from the bottom with the front suspension removed as there’s more room that way.
2 Install the pedals if not there, easier with the dash out of the way. Also look at installing the heater blower assembly with dash vents and tubes, and the wiper motor and drive tube/cable. Do a basic fit of the kick panels in the foot wells to be sure the holes all line up and any new ones in the fronts are drilled. Then remove them until interior install.
3 install the dash top cover if needed. This wraps around the front and has some fiber board pieces that hold it in place tucked up in front of where the dash will go. Install the windshield and adjust. I find it easier with the dash not yet in place. Install the door windows and quarter windows for this if not yet in place.
4 install the steering column, leave the lower clamp piece for it on the dash bracket loose as you may need to wiggle it around to get the dash in later. Install the cables for the heater assembly, put the levers on the ends.
5 Install the switches onto the harness for the dash. Since these go in from the back its much easier to do this when not on your back. Better lighting too.. Mark any wires for the gauges and hook the instrument ground wire to the center dash support, attach the instrument voltage regulator with its two wires to the gauges and from the harness. Hood release can be installed now too.
6 Now install the dash. Install the heater control levers to the dash before actually attaching it to the car. you can do any gauges that you have sufficient wiring length too. Otherwise you’ll need to do these from behind. Dash installs with 4 sheet metal type large screws. Then two studs at the center, two bolt/nut sets at the steering column and one bolt at each end, all from the lower roll. Steering column will need to be attached to the underdash support once the dash is wiggled into position.
7 Install the softop frame and soft top. easier to do with the seats and center console not yet in place. Adjust the door windows, the top frame, and hardtop if you have one, so that they seal.
8 Install the interior, carpets first, then various panels then console and seats. Some of the panels will go over the edges of the carpets in the footwells and rear shelf.
9 Install the gas tanks with cross line. install the trunk panels and the rest of the trunk bits.
10 Assuming that the bumpers have been checked to be sure they’re ok, install them now. Also the remaining exterior trim. I wait until last for this to avoid catching anything on them.

This is not every little thing, but is the general order I have used.