Even I’ve driven a Pantera, and they are good fun. Nothing like that big Cleveland right behind your head (behind you, where an engine should be 😉 ).

Choose wisely, Ian. A Tiger is a worthy prospect. A Tiger Authentication Committee certification is something also to consider. An Alpine with a V8 (or V6) is still just as fun, but may not have the value in the eyes of the purists. All that matters is what matters to you and how you plan to enjoy the car you choose. Tigers can still have a TAC cert whether stock or modified.

Look for structural integrity of the rear spring mounts at the front, and around the front crossmember. As you might suspect, structural work isn’t as easy to fix as other things. Glass is important. A hard top will enhance the value. Investigate if the electrical system is in good working order. Things like overheating can be significantly improved from the stock setup, so no big worries there. Lots of parts can be replaced, its the matter of originality for some parts that are scarce. Check http://www.rootes.com for the catalog of replacement parts that Sunbeam Specialties carries.

Good luck learning and shopping around. The hunt is part of the fun! And welcome to the forum.