To my knowledge, ALL horns were Clear Hooters. One High one Low. H & L were stamped at the opening of the horn.

Some countries require have or had different standards for safety equipment like lights and horns. I am not aware of any horn standards for either country. In the early days 60’s-70’s of Tigers, there were only one or two Tigeers in France and about the same in Spain.

My hypothesis is, and the odds are, that someone replaced their clear hooters with another horn. It’s quite common.

BTW, Most clear hooters are rebuildable. Many just need the adjustment screw tweaked. But it is a very touchy process. I rebuilt many. It is just a matter of drilling out the rivets, separating the halves, cleaning points, cutting out a really thin paper gasket, and reassembling. I had AL rivets and reassembled. Looked the original in appearance.

I’m sure Erig Gibeaut has horns for you. He got a bunch from me and some were rebuilt.

Good luck