Officers and Board of Directors Candidates for Reelection

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Joe Parlanti: President (Reelection)

I first joined TEAE in 1991 after buying a Series V Alpine while living in Texas. I had a great time working on and driving the car culminating in a 3200-mile trip to SUNI II in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin with my good friend Mark Gessler. My current Tiger is a ’66 Mk1A that I restored from a shell and many boxes of parts. I really enjoyed the experience and was able to do everything myself except for the paint. Along the way I wrote several articles that have appeared in the Rootes Review and on various websites. Jackie and I drive the car regularly and have had great fun with it over the last several years. I recently finished building a new higher performance engine for the car which has proven to be a lot of fun.

I have attended many TEAE events over the years including most of the Uniteds since 2000. In 2008 I chaired United XXVIII in Potomac, Maryland and in 2012 United XXXII in St. Michaels, Maryland. I’m a graduate of the University of Kentucky with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. A couple of years ago I started a hobby business, Veloce Solutions, where I produce modern lighting and electronic systems for classic vehicles.

As current president I look forward to continuing in this role.

James Lindner: Vice President (Reelection)

I have been a Sunbeam owner and club member for eight plus years and have enjoyed meeting club members and other classic car enthusiasts at various car events and club activities.  I have served as club secretary and Vice President. I assisted in organizing United XXXII in 2013 and served as Co-chair for the planning and conduct of United 36 in Virginia. In 2016, I was honored to receive the Lord Rootes Trophy. Many club members have been a great help to me in finding and maintaining my Sunbeam and I look forward to contributing something back to the club, its members, and the marque we all love. 

Originally from New York, I currently reside in Alexandria, VA. I am a graduate of Norwich University in Vermont and I also hold master’s degrees from the U.S. Naval War College (Strategic Studies) and Long Island University (Criminal Justice.)  I spent 22 years as a Special Agent with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS); and more recently I worked for a Defense Department contractor after retiring from federal service.  I completely retired about seven years ago, although I do teach a graduate course in International Relations for Webster University at one of its satellite campuses in the Washington, DC area.  

Robert Harter: Treasurer (Reelection)

I have been a club member since 2012 and have owned my first Tiger since 2009. I grew up in a “Ford Family” and saw my first Tiger, which started my interest in the marque when I was in high school and working at a Mustang restoration and parts shop. I also own a 1965 Mustang Convertible, a 1964 Falcon Convertible, and a 1969 Bronco. I have enjoyed my interaction with other club members at the annual United and other car events. I look forward to another year as Treasurer.

I currently reside in Washington, DC with my wife Heather and our two daughters Kate, 12 and Laine, 9 years old. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering with emphasis on solid state technology and I have been an employee of the Department of the Navy for almost thirty years. When not playing in the garage, I enjoy time with family and I am currently working on my master’s degree from the U.S. Naval War College.

Jackie Parlanti:  Secretary (Reelection)

I have attended and enjoyed many TEAE events over the years with my husband Joe. I have helped with both the 2008 and 2012 Uniteds Joe hosted in Potomac and St. Michaels. I love riding in the Tiger and especially enjoyed running the Tail of the Dragon at the Pigeon Forge United. I know that Joe and I will continue to work well together in our respective positions.

Candidates for Board of Directors

Tom Calvert (Reelection)

My qualifications include: Charter/founding member of TEAE, past regional representative for the Chesapeake Region of TEAE, past president of TEAE, long time member of TEAE Board of Directors, Lord Rootes Trophy winner, Senior Tiger Authentication Committee (TAC) Inspector, Sunbeam enthusiast and owner for over 44 years, lifelong gear head and professional engineer. My wife and I have hosted the annual TEAE crab feast for over 20 years. My wife and I have been active participants in the TEAE organization and its activities since the club’s inception. In addition, we have participated in a majority of the SUNI events and Tiger 50. I request your vote to allow me to continue working for Tigers East/Alpines East and to maintain its standing as a premier marque club.

Tom Ehrhart  (Reelection)

As one of the TEAE founders and a continuous Board Of Directors member, I have a vested interest in the future of the club and the Sunbeam marque in particular. TEAE ByLaws specifically state that the club should promote the “Sunbeam Marque in general” and the “Alpine/Tiger segment in particular.” While the name Tigers East/Alpines East represents the Alpine/Tiger contingent well, it does not represent the Sunbeam marque in general. Branding of an organization is important for its success and should reflect its organizational purpose, or mission, if you will. There is NO Rootes group club in the USA that equitably represents all Rootes vehicles other than TEAE. I have been and will continue advocating a Rootes America branding of TEAE to better represent our mission objective and help unify the Sunbeam marque in the eyes of those inside and outside of our marque.

Eric Gibeaut (Reelection)

I  have been a club member since 1976 and have found Tigers East/Alpines East to be a family that I am happy to be a part of! Family means getting together and my wife and I have been to many Uniteds over the years and we have also planned and organized three of them. Regionally here in the South we get together at local British car shows and the interest in Sunbeams is so high that 25 or more Sunbeams will gather together. I will help to keep Tigers East/Alpines East a club that welcomes anyone with an interest in Rootes cars and I will encourage participation in regional and national events no matter what one’s club affiliation is. I will also continue to contribute to our club’s website, forum, and newsletter to help those needing information about their cars as well as to share information about upcoming events and news about our club.

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