by Bill Spires

For those Sunbeam owners with a mid Series III or later Alpine who may have had problems fixing or finding parts for the Solex 32PAIA vacuum actuated two barrel carburetor, I have an easy, inexpensive (although potentially blasphemous) solution. Replace it with a Holley; the type you can find on any old 2000cc (and maybe 2300cc) Pinto. The one I’ve been running for over 10 years is a Model No. 12R5228B. It bolts perfectly to the intake with no spacers or adapters, the throttle linkage from the Sunbeam is retained, including the “primary throttle operating lever” which is substituted for that of the Holley. This piece had to be filed slightly in thickness to allow room for the Holley locking washer. The choke is water activated which was accommodated by slipping it in the heater loop. This set up has worked perfectly for me and I thought I would share it.