See also the cars of the B.A.S.H. : Alpines | Tigers | Video of the day

Held on June 12, 2022, our event was hosted by the Keystone British Car Club at their 28th Annual British Motorcar Gathering in the secluded woodlands of the Alfred Fritchman Reservoir Park in Hellertown, PA.

B.A.S.H. participants assembled early at the landmark Hellertown Diner where they sought shelter from the drizzling rain and got reacquainted under store front canopies and in the diner.

The setting was beautiful, and the weather did cooperate somewhat in spite of horrific storm predictions for the afternoon.

Fortunately, we got through the show with only overcast skies and temperatures in the low 70’s. It was a perfect time to enjoy all the cars on display. Out of the 155 cars registered for the British Motorcar Gathering, only 85 made it to the show field. TEAE presented 24 Alpines and Tigers made up more than 25% of the show!

The goal of the B.A.S.H. is always to socialize and rekindle friendships. We did just that, and we extended our hands to other LBC owners with the purpose of keeping the spirit of British Car ownership and enjoyment alive and well in our hearts.

See also the cars of the B.A.S.H. : Alpines | Tigers

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