August 26 – 27

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British car Festival altoona

Get all the info and dowload the registration flier here

The Altoona, PA “British Car Festival & BASH” is a multi day event with local cruises and adventures along with an engine building exercise. Plan for one, two or three days.

Lots to see and do on your journey to and from the event. We recommend you register for the weekend and arrive in time for the Pizza party. If you miss that, be sure to get there before 11am Saturday and the visit to Lenny’s Car Museum for coffee and donuts.

BASH this year is in partnership with Central PA British Car Festival noted for their two full days of a variety of non competitive social activities, axe throwing?, a presentation of 200 years of bridal fashion and wedding dresses (register for that at the event), etc.

Let’s show our ROOTES as they have never been seen before in this part of PA and have a blast doing it. This is not your father’s car show. It is an experience! Be there or be missed.
Info/registration and schedule is here

Host hotel is Fairfield Inn by Marriott
located at
2915 Pl Valley Blvd, Altoona Pa


The Sharkeys and Pierzgas speak highly of this event’s experiences.