I have always like the ‘look’ of the traction masters on a Tiger and have had cars with both weld on (longer) and bolt on. Of the two, I think the weld on look the best but not sure the geometry matches same axle swing arc and often see cars where the frame to front weld on mounts for these long traction masters are cracked/damaged (seen several cars with large holes where these fwd long traction bar mounts ‘used’ to be). Also these weld on brackets do stick down forward of front left spring mount and can really take an impact in low ground clearance situations or large pot holes. BUT, I really like the way they look for sure

The bolt on are a little shortern, much easier to install and should prevent some wheel hope (could not hurt) and did I mention the ‘look’ of Tiger traction master is nice.

If running original 50 year old Tiger leaf springs, a valid assumption is that the car has had at least some (maybe several hundreds) hard accelleration events in the past. I have felt best $ and performance on rear suspension is 1st to install a new set of Tiger rear leaf springs (CAT used to sell these, also Dale A that I have used both and like – assume other sources available), 2nd get a good set of rear shocks), 3rd would be to change pan hard rod mounting bracket and/or orientation and many say just get rid of it (Tom Hall has a good relocation kit and information). Then add traction bars (I would vote for bolt on, can’t hurt and look nice) OR for max traction control you must research Dan Walters torque arm setup.

Rambling on, hope this is of some help – I have a set of the long traction bars and mounts if your leaning in that direction