I recently purchased a cable from SS, no problem with inner cable..But I shortened the complete cable by 13 inches so that I felt it fit better with my 5 speed Trans..I liked the originalfitting at the speedo head end better than the new replacement so I shortened from that end. I carefully cut the end off the old cable close to the metal part and with a drill removed the rest of the outer cable from inside the metal end, I then put the new outer cable with the cut end into the old end fitting and crimped it, then cut the inner cable to the appropriate length and installed a new square drive piece to the cut end of the inner cable from a cable repair kit from NAPA #615-1795. That kit comes with a new inner cable so if you mess one up you have an extra. And another note: if your car has headers be mindful of the cable routing as to avoid damage to the cable, don’t ask me how I know this can be an issue, I have also covered the cable with heat reflective insulation