Patrick Tyrrell

    Dave, Gary, Kragh,

    Thanks for your responses re: my Tiger shift lever question. Yesterday, I successfully installed the new shift lever. Installing the lever with the pawl to the left will not work, as the pawl Is blocked by a casting supporting the linkage mechanism. Since it did not work with the pawl to the left, in a flash of brilliance, I did the only possible alternative & re-installed the lever with the pawl to the right. It’s VERY hard to describe, but there’s a slot in the casting supporting the right side of the linkage mechanism. Apparently the pawl interacts with that slot. In order to tilt the lever to the left, you need to left the lockout & pawl so the pawl disengages with the slot. Well, with the new lever, the pawl is much smaller than the original pawl, so you can shift into reverse without using the lockout. No problem, as the TR 6 I had years ago had no reverse lockout & never caused a problem. A photo would explain it all, but I can’t attach one (file too big?). I tested it in our long driveway & it works fine. Many, many thanks for your time & comments!! I’m keeping the original lever (without lockout) if I ever need a spare. Now, I can’t wait for the salt to be washed off the roads by the spring rains.