Patrick Tyrrell

    Hi Dave,

    Many thanks for your reply. Due to the holidays & a vacation, The problem’s not solved yet. We live in northern Illinois, so the Tiger’s off the road until the salt is off the roads this spring. My friend (who’s a British expatriate) contacted a supplier in the UK & has ordered a copy of the Sunbeam Tiger parts catalog. My friend said, “The parts catalog provides clear diagrams and drawings of every part for specific engine/chassis numbers etc. Thus it was invaluable for figuring out what parts were wrong or missing etc.” The workshop manual’s only mention of the shift lever is to remove it prior to removing the transmission – not much help! Now that my wife & I have returned from vacation, my plan is to talk to two shops in the Chicago area who have done work on my Tiger in the past, & have one of them look into the problem. The thing I do not want to do is screw up the shift linkage — if there’s a way to do that, rest assured, I’ll do it!! 🙂 However, any advice would be greatly appreciated, as this could help me and/or the shop. Thanks!