The legend (rumor) I heard, was told to me in 1978 when I bought my Tiger. The mechanic that worked on my car,told me,he had worked for a Sunbeam dealer in the 60’s. He said that the late MK1A’s came with 289’s, not 260’s. My car is #2631 about 90 away from being the last MK1A. When I bought my Tiger, the owner told me the same thing. He also said that the engine in B382002631 was just that a 289, but he had 302 crank, rods, and heads installed in the 289.It was very fast. My car has been in storage for more than 25 years, so I dont know if any of this is true. I did take off the valve cover once, and the heads are stamped 302. I have never checked the engine date code so I dont know if it is the original block, I never took off the oil pan either. Some day I will contact Norm Miller and get the codes and see. I know that the 289 rumor has been around a long time, and there is no real proof and it is just that a rumor.