John – Hi, I too have pondered the wiring and fuses for my Alpine V restoration – there is much to improve! I would recommend installing a fuse panel with blade-style fuses, under the dashboard inside the car. This will protect the fuses from exposure to heat and moisture under the hood. I think it could be adapted to your new Alpine-specific wiring harness without too much trouble, and will clean up the underhood wiring quite nicely. Another advantage is that any blade-style panel is going to give you enough fuses to have a circuit for every individual electrical system.

The following are some of the different style panels available:

CDD Autogear – https://www.cddautogear.com/shop Although a bit expensive I actually like this one for the vintage look with its cover on.

Painless Wiring Systems – https://www.painlessperformance.com/wc/p.php?s=customcar This is a complete wiring system with a blade-style fuse panel – it could be an option if you’re not worried about originality.

Amazon – A source for different style fuse panels at what looks like reasonable prices.

I think a fuse in the main wire to the ignition switch is a good idea. A fuse in the main battery cable sounds like a good idea too, but I think it would need to be inspected regularly. Given the amount of current that flows through it there is the potential for corrosion to affect conductivity and possibly lead to arcing within the fuse holder.

Another recommendation would be for a modern single wire alternator to replace the generator. This will provide much more electrical power along with fewer electrical components under the hood. Joe Parlanti did a Rootes Review article some time ago on an installtion on his Tiger – if you can’t find it on a TEAE.org site search he may be able to point you to it.

Gary Corbett
St. Lawrence Region Rep