Thanks for all the tips. This is where things are as of Friday afternoon.

I installed the Ford Motor Sports right angle adapter. To the best of my knowledge, and with lots of help from the guys at Advance Auto, there is no spin-on filter that will work with the right angle adapter and the headers from SS. There is not enough clearance between the adapter and header tube on one side and there is limited clearance with the steering apparatus on the other.

I think the original block adapter and hoses will work with the headers. But, as it turns out, I do not have the special, hollow fastening bolt that attaches the adapter plate to the block. Oh well……….

BTW, installing the right angle adapter with the headers already on the engine was a bit challenging. I had to unbolt the drivers side header from the engine to be able to move it aside far enough to get the filter adapter installed. After all that to find there was no way to install a spin-on filter was more than a little frustrating.

So, this afternoon, I ordered a remote filter relocation kit. Maybe next Wednesday I can go back to work on it.

from sunny South Dakota,