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I’ve been planning to replace the stock cast iron exhaust manifolds with headers. After reading various other posts here [some quite old], I’m unclear as to where to purchase headers that will fit with the “shorty” oil filter set-up that I’ve been using since I got this car.
Can anyone give me a definite answer as to the name & source of such headers? The balance of my exhaust will remain the stock “Tiger Tom” system [from 1990].

I’m looking to improve hp (even if small) and appearance – ceramic coated headers will look much better than rusty manifolds and down-pipes. My previous experience with a header on a stock 4-cyl motor with stock exhaust gave good benefit.

Whether or not you get an improvement from installing headers depends quite a bit on how restrictive the OEM manifolds were, as well as how much extra flow the exhaust can handle.

For headers, talk to the CAT folks, Rick at Sunbeam Specialties, or Dale Akuszewski at Dale’s restorations to see what fits your car and your budget. Getting them ceramic coated costs extra.

If you’re primarily looking to improve the appearance then talk to Sean "Moonstone" Ford (I think he’s with Caps Bright Coatings in California), about getting your stock manifolds ceramic-coated, inside and out. This will also help a little with heat dissipation.