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I have a spare Alpine engine that I will sell that would be great in this car…..50k orig miles block…(needs crank turned due to oil leak last time run)……I have a used but good set of Holbay Flat top pistons, new rings/bearings. new performance cam and bearings, A head modified per Vizzard specs (still needs to be cc’d) A new set of twin Webber 2brl downdraft set up…..new headers and a used holbay distributor and holbay valve cover…..interested? Mike in Jupiter, Florida

I think I would prob just rather have a complete running motor as I know nothing about these. I have it back on EBAY right now but I did find out the log book was registered to the car in 1986. Still no word as to who but with it being 86 I prob wouldn’t have a problem making changes to the car and turning it into an autocrosser or something else if it stays around. thanks and I’ll keep it in mind though.