quote gtsmrt:

    Hi Michael,

    How is your Alpine project going? Is everything back in and running yet or have you had some problems?

    Regards, Robin.

    No troubles.. just taking my time. I have the gearbox, bellhousing off and i took off the clutch and flywheel on the weekend.. i figured while i have everything out i may aswell play a bit more.. so i will be owrking the flywheel a little more.. take some more weight off it then rebal;ance it. I should be ready to put everything back in in the next few weeks. Just debating if i put the DCOE’s back on to get it running .. or try and fit the DGV on stright off.. the only real concern is the rear nut that secures the manifold on the DCOEs is amazingly difficult to acess.. both putting on and off.. and not something i want to have to do more than needed