Yesterday, I tore down my spare crossmember. Sure is easier to get the springs out with the crossmember in the car using a floor jack. I borrowed a spring compressor from Advance but it was just too big. Went back and bought one used for struts and ended up rigging something similar to the one in the shop manual by going down the middle.

I now have the parts for the rebuild and just need to get the two wrung off bolts out for one of the lower fulcrum pins. Those suckers had been soaking in solvent for over a week and still snapped like a crisp potato chip. Once I get the mouse nest cleaned out, I can get on with rust removal, welding, etc.

I have a spare set of springs that have been around so long I don’t know what they came out of. They haven’t been on a car in many years and have almost no rust. They look identical to the ones that came out and have a splash of green paint that looks like it was factory applied as an identifier for the production line. Any guesses to the significance?