quote TR:

You guys are far far off been collecting Tigers since forever.
The original Tiger Tom rebuild my first Tigers Tack in 1979. Drive
a custom Tiger evreryday in the summer when its nice. Never
cared about stock Tigers.. However, I have a project Tiger I bought
back in 1985. Strippeed and primed on a rottesrie waiting for paint.
This is where I’m at. My customs are airbrushed and chromed they
wouldn’t know what undercoating is. My alpines only had undercoating
in the wheel wells and under the rockers. This Tiger I stripped only had
asmall amount of undercoating. In the tunnel was red primer which
the factor missed when painting code 86. The green never made it.
This is how original I want to go. If this was a corvette I could tell
you where wax marks were left to show time of a day it was made.

I apologize if anyone took my comments personally – they were intended as a general view on the creation of Tiger clones (that being defined as an OEM Alpine chassis with Tiger specific sheetmetal and ID elements grafted on, for the purpose of "recreating" the original Tiger). Chuck Ingram’s Lister tribute, and several other "Algers" I know of, are not such cars, since the owners make no false claims about their vehicles and their origin.
On my Tiger I removed all the road grunge from inside the transmission tunnel and covered it with a heat reflecting self-adhesive material – I forget the name. The tunnel interior (late Mk1A) was completely painted Rootes 86. The car has been repainted at least twice and has several generations of undercoating. Hard to tell what’s original and what’s not.