Thanks again to for the comments.

I have had lots of discussion about the crosmemeber with several members and experts on the matter. Mine is currently is good shape and will be reinstalled in the car. I will be replacing all of the a-arm bushing before I do that. At a later date, I will remove it and have to reinforced.

The newly cored radiator should be ready any day now. I have a smaller pulley and the 15" flex fan on its way. I have read Cooling the Tiger several times and will be blocking the horn holes and bottom of the radiator to cross member opening.

Once the front wheels were off, I discovered that there was not one balancing weight on them. No wonder I had the shakes. I will have them balanced ricky-tick.

I have a new dash on its way so when the old one is out, I will go through all of the dash wiring to make sure all is as should be to include the voltage regulator.