quote V Mad:

My fuel pressure is 8.5 which is a bit too high.

8.5" is too high… I would first set the pressure to 6" or 7", then I would recheck the floats and get that straight first. The fuel level should be just below the site holes.

Also I would gentle bottom out the idle mixture screws then turn them back out 1-1/2 turns to start. You also need to make sure not too much of the idle transfer slots are exposed, if they are then the idle mixture screws are useless….so make sure the throttle blades are not open too far.

If you are playing around with the throttle linkage adjustment (attached to the gas pedal) make sure the accelerator pump is properly adjusted. Everything all works together so the more screws you are turning the more chances you have of goofing things up.

I have a 570 cfm Holley Street Avenger on a 289 and it works just fine. When I bought the car is had a 650 DP Holley and wouldn’t run for more than 2 or 3 minutes without fouling the plugs and dying…so it ended up on ebay.