I had better luck with a Ford six-blade fan, versus the flex-fans & plastic fans. I also added at temp switch to turn on a pusher fan. These two things fixed my temp issues, granted it’s a 260 not a 302 but it was a freshly rebuilt motor.

It’s a stock Ford part, and requires no trimming, unlike most of the other six-bladed fans mentioned in the various tech tips. PM or email me if you need the Ford part number.

I change my oil once a year since I don’t drive the car much, and I use the spin-on filter directly onto the block since my remote housing cracked and sprayed oil all over my friend’s driveway and stranded my car for a month plus.

I use Peak or Prestone, whatever’s on sale, 50/50 with distilled water.

1965_sunbeam_tiger at earthlink.net