On October 14,1960 I took delivery of a New Series I Moonstone Alpine[B 9009894].I was stationed at Fort Dix New Jersey and had a 1960 Ford convertible on order,then a 1961 but Ford kept on shipping the wrong color,transmission etc. etc.I was driving a 1949 Dodge Wayfarer that I had bought for $75 dollars,put in a $5 junkyard starter and I had no Image.What New Jersey lovely woud be seen in such a run down vehicle?hence the Ford order.One day I drove past a Buick dealer just outside the base and saw/heard of for the first time a Sunbeam Alpine.I said yes and canceled the Ford order,sold the Dodge for $80…the only car I broke even on.With the top up my first sargeant said it looked like a pregnant roller skate.He had a 1959 Lincoln Continental a car rivaling the Titanic in size.The Alpine was a blast to drive.It was THE MAN’S Sports Car Girls Will Love to Drive[an actual advertising slogan]…so I.was in like Flynn.I’ve had 6 people in the car …3 guys,3 girls…alcohol being a masterful lubricant…but who sat on the shifter?I kept it through law school and in 1964 upon graduation drove it from NYC to Seattle down the coast to San Fran and back east.The convertible top had long since been destroyed but with an Army poncho and 60 mph I could avoid some of the rain but the bears in Yosemite scared the hell out of me.I traded it in 1965…the wire wheels were shot,first gear was gone and it wouldn’t start after I rolled into the Manhattan East 44th dealership.TheBRG Series 5 [B39500719] w/o wire wheels, I might add, is still with me going strong…but I now wish I still had the Series 1 to keep it company. frank mooney