hello Dave,

Thank you for your reception on the Tiger family.

I have speack with norman miller by mail.
But he haven’t a copy of “the book of norman”
It’s a book more expensive on E bay, may be 700 or 800$.

You have started this same action.
have you got a lot of tiger in your data base?

me I have 170 tigers vin with pictures.
it’s a job for a long long long year but it’s very interresent.

I have a lot of answers by all the world( germany, UK, australia, USA, France…..).

I’m member in France of the Classic Sunbeam and Rootes de France.
we are 63 members with only rootes car.

I have a tiger red in france, It’s a 260 on 1965 (B9472706).

It’s possible to send me a picture about your tiger?
Because I don’t have your car in my data base.

the name of a crash pad is also a dash pad?

CAT is a club of TIGER.
have you got a link for the crash pad or a contact name?

thank you for your help