Bon jour bon ami.

Welcome to the Tiger Family.

I can understand you desire to track Tigers, as I started to do
the same thing years ago. They I learned that Norm Miller
of California had inherited a data base infomation on every
Tiger ever built. This info come from the official Rootes
archives in the British Transportation Museum. He orginized
and published this information in his Book of Norman. There
was only one printing and it is high sought after. When found
a copy will sell for $500 USD or more.

Norm has kept his data base as current as possible, but is
very guarded about the information. He will not sned anyone
his data base. If you have a question about a specific car
he will provide information on that one car.

He is trying to avoid the possibility of counterfeiters using
his list to find unaccounted for numbers.

So you probably will not get many responses to you request
for information.

Sunbeam Specialities make a perfect reproduction of the
crash pad. It looks like new but is of a better quality vinyl.
I believe CAT sells one too.

You should become familiar wil http://www.TigersUnited.com. This
site will giver you everything you could ask for about your
car. Its free. So enjoy.

Dave Johnson B382002668 (In the BON)