Our first sunbeam is because of my wife.I wanted her to learn to drive my big 56 Mercury 4 door hardtop that I loved so much.She said it was just too big.That same week a girl came home to visit her mother who lived a few house away and she was driving a brand new 62 Alpine.My wife said get me one and I’ll learn to drive.3 months later we had a 59 and she had her drivers license.As they say the rest is history.We had as many as 7 sunbeams but now are down to theLister clone.The faithful 62 V6 Alpine which is now becomung a V8 Alpine.I let the 66 Tiger go last year as it was sitting and wanted someone to love it.It took 5 minutes to sell it and it went to a good owner.Best thing about the fact my wife is responsible is when order parts etc.,she sometimes asks how much and I smile and reply you really don’t want to know.
I do tell her though and I never never remind her I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t her fault.
She is the main reason I sign it is sunny
8) 8) Oh it is sunny again