I bought my Tiger in 1977. The March 1977 issue of Motor Trend had just come out with the article featuring a Tiger. I owned a big block 1970 Corvette at the time that was a big piece of crap. I had heard of Tigers before and had thought they would be neat with the V8 in a little convertible. About two weeks later I noticed one for sale in the local newspaper. After contacted the owner and taking a test drive, I wanted it bad. He wanted $1600 for it and confessed someone had offered his $1200. So, of course, I offered him $1300. He wouldn’t except my offer on the spot, but wanted to let the newspaper ad run it’s course. I had four sleepless nights waiting for the ad to finish it’s run. Finally, I received a call from him telling me it was mine if I still wanted it. It’s amazing how much rust an eleven year old car can have, all the usual Tiger rust, X-member, rocker panels and trunk floor. It run well, but of course overheated. I live thirty miles from Williamsburg VA. so, I headed out to United I, but had to turn around because it overheated. The rest is history.