Several years I commuted to Mass for the week. I had a room in Exeter and read their weekly newspaper. One day an Alpine was offered in the classifieds. (1988) It ran, but had no brakes and needed TLC. I decide to look some more. We went on vacation and sure enough the ad reappeared a few weeks later. I bought that Alpine, had it towed and fixed to pass inspection, then drove it home. After ~fifty miles on I93 it quit., but a passerby stopped, he knew Alpines and helped me out. Rain started, the gas gauge went quickly down, wipers slowed down, ….battery empty. I hitchhiked home to later pick up the car. I completely restored it and now lives in northern NH.
The p.o. had told me to join TEAE, which I did. I went to a meet, and saw my first Tiger. (I grew up in Holland where Tigers were never seen). TEAE member Steve Towle told me about a abandoned Tiger nearby. It had lost the interest of its owner. Was pushed every winter further down the driveway and was never even covered. With the Alpine restoration experience I tackled the Tiger (1991) and still have it. In fact the previous owner saw it last fall and promised me an old movie he had of him drag racing it in the late sixties.
A few more Alpines were mixed in this, too long a story for now. The Sunbeam Venezia is now keeping me busy in my retirement.